Tile Roof

Tile roofing is one of the oldest roofing methods. Tile roofs can last many of years, with proper maintenance. Tile roof replacement makes a lot of sense for South Florida -homeowner if you expect to remain in your home for many years. The character, charm and beauty of undulating Spanish tiles, or the smooth simplicity of practical flat tiles adds culturally appropriate local flavor while still giving you economy, easy maintenance and longevity. Must tiles for roofs are produced in ceramic, concrete, or modern blends of materials for strength, colorfast beauty, perfect for our florida weather.

Consider Tile Because …

Tile roof replacement protects your home investment and your family. 

Tile roofing: 

  • Withstands high winds
  • Allows for economical replacement  
  •  Is low maintenance, retains color and is weather resistant
  • Has the highest fire protection rating possible, insulating your home with an air space to avoid heat transfer while also being impervious to airborne burning brands
  • Clay and concrete tile resist hail strike

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