Low Slope Roof

Low Slope Roof


Low slope roofs are unique and require care and maintenance, making them a little different from other roofing systems.

Here at HD Contracting we are experts, and we will help you solve your low slope roof repair issues. 


Ponding refers to the collection of water in one or multiple spots on your flat roof. Unattended, it can result in big problems down the road and can break down the roofing material and cause your roof to leak, causing damage to your flat roof. Flat roofs are at risk for ponding water if drains and gutters get filled with leaves or tree branches. HD Contracting can advise you on how to avoid your roof from ponding. 

Other reasons your flat roof may leak and need repair:

  • Improperly installed fasteners
  • Improper, or no seals at flashings
  • Backwater flaps
  • Ponding Water